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Bolin Biotechnology R&D Department is located in Xi'an High-tech Development Zone. In recent years, he has cooperated with the Chinese Medicine Institute of China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shaanxi Institute of Chinese Medicine, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Northwest A&F University and other projects. 

Our company is committed to the customization of product solutions for the health industry. 

The company's existing solutions include:hypoglycemic ingredients, nutritional meal replacement powder, slimming, male and female health care products and other solutions, we have customized health food, functional drinks, functions for customers. Sexual food tea and other products.

 At the same time, it has obtained 8 patents and several research papers.

 Patent  Holder : Shaanxi Bolin Biotechnology Co.,LTD.

 Patent  Type    :   Certificate of Utility Model Patent 


Patent Name              Patent No.      
Purification and concentration equipment of xylooligosaccharideZL 2018 2 0573513.5

Stirring mechanism for enzymatic hydrolysis of bitter gourd polypeptide

ZL 2018 2 0573768.1

Concentration device for extracting liquid

ZL 2018 2 0573773.2

Enzymatic hydrolysis device for bitter gourd polypeptide

ZL 2018 2 0570682.3

The utility model relates to a plant slag extraction device

ZL 2018 2 0570708.4

A plant extract drying device 

ZL 2018 2 0573763.9

A plant extract filtration device 

ZL 2018 2 0572408.X

The invention relates to a vacuum freeze-drying device for plant extract 

ZL 2018 2 0572403.7


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