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Why Do We Celebrate Dragon Boat Festival?

Jun 14, 2018

The Dragon Boat Festival is held on the fifth day of May in the annual lunar calendar.

Also known as Duanyang Festival, Midday Festival, May Day and so on. The Dragon Boat Festival originated in China and is a tribute to the Totem of the Totem of the ancient Baiyue to celebrate the festival of totem worship. In the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, there is a custom of holding the tribe totem worship in dragon boat races.

The Dragon Boat Festival is also a traditional festival celebrated by the people of all ethnic groups in China. It is organized around the talented and independent Chu State Dr. Qu Yuan and spread throughout China. The folk culture is shared. Qu Yuan’s celebrities are well known and chase the Chinese people’s noble feelings. In some regions, there are also commemorations such as Wu Zixuan and Cao Yu. Dragon Boat Festival has the habit of eating dumplings, racing dragon boats, hanging calamus, wormwood, leaves, smoking herbs, white peony, drinking realgar wine. The "Dragon Boat Festival" is a national holiday.

According to the popular view of "commemorating historical figures", the Dragon Boat Festival originated from commemorating qu yuan, according to wu jun, a liang from the southern dynasty, "continuing qi harmony" and zong "jingchu age".Still think it is to commemorate wu zixu, to commemorate cao e and so on

For Dargon Boat Festival, Shaanxi Bolin Biotechnology Co.,Ltd will have a three days holiday during 16th,June~18,June.

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