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Weight Loss Plant Extracts

Aug 14, 2017

Weight loss plant extracts

Weight loss plant extracts have been a good sales products, natural extracts for weight loss is the trend, we briefly introduce several natural extracts for weight loss, hope everyone to understand extracts.


Green coffee bean extractchlorogenic acid

The active ingredients of Green coffee bean extract is chlorogenic acid, Which have the effect of antioxidant, anti-diabetic, anti-tumor, and weight loss ;  inhibition of hyaluronidase and glucose-6-phosphatase; scavengingof free radical  and anti-fat peroxidation, It is a natural and safe weight loss products.


Garlic extract

The main effective ingredient of garlic extract is allicin, which has the function of reducing blood fat and reducing weight. It can promote the decomposition of fat by dissolving fat granules and achieve the function of reducing blood fat and reducing weight.

Lotus leaf extract

Pharmacological studies have shown that lotus leaf with the functions of diuretic,  purgation, intestinal detoxification, lipid-lowering, degreasing, clearing away summer heat and relieving fever ,It can obviously reduce the content of serum triglyceride and cholesterol levels, with the regulation of blood lipid health effects. Use lotus leaf to lose weight, do not need to diet deliberately, without any side effects on human body.

Bitter gourd extract

Bitter gourd is a special fruit and vegetable, because of its unique wrinkle on the surface of fruit, It contains Momordica glycosides, with a special bitter taste and named. Which contains Momordica charantia with weight loss effect.


Senna extract

Senna has a strong diarrhea effect, attending heat constipation, stagnation bloating, often used for weight loss. Sennoside is the main active ingredients of Senna which caused diarrhea.  Sennoside can inhibit the absorption of water on the large intestine, the intestinal contents of a sharp increase, but also increase the tension of the large intestine to stimulate the intestinal wall reflex to enhance the small intestine and colon peristalsis, so as to achieve diarrhea and weight loss effects.

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