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Recruitment---We Want You

Aug 22, 2017

Recruitment---We want you

Shaanxi Bolin Bio-tech Co.,Ltd is a professional supplier of plant extracts. Our products include herb extract, plant oil , natural pigments, fruit powder, vegetable powder and functional ingredients. The products can be used in the industry of Food and Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, Agriculture,Health care products, Cosmetics,etc.

In order to enlarge our marketing all over the world, we expect you to join our team .We hope to make a contribution to natural ingredients and healthy living together.


Position:Sales Manager

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

1.To achieve the sales target assigned by the company as well as the collection target

2.To be very familiarize with all company products and its categorized pricing structure prior to approach customers

3.Understand the operational procedure and habit of On Trade, getting along with buyer for fair contract deal and promotion support to enhance Bolin’s market position

4.Support international business expansion in terms of market intelligence, research, insights and information, etc.



1. Bachelor degree in Marketing or related discipline

2. 3 year work experience in plant-extract industry or relevant industry

3. Good interpersonal and cross cultural communication skill

4. Fluent in English and Mandarin

5.  Ability to handle multiple tasks



Position:Sales Assistant

Essential Duties & Responsibilities: 

1. Support business development team to conduct market assessment

2.Expand brand channels, including traditional media, new media, social media and resource integration, interactive marketing planning and implementation.

3. Logistics and documents supports

 4.Retain strong working relations between the external parties and the company.


1. Bachelor degree in Marketing or related discipline

2. 1 year relevant work experience

3. Good learning agility

4. Good interpersonal and cross cultural communication skill

5. Fluent in English and Mandarin


If you are looking for a job or a new opportunity, please call us or send your CV to us.Thank you.

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