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Natural Sweeteners Are Popular All Over The World

Jul 19, 2017

Natural Sweeteners Are Popular All Over The World

Natural sweeteners is more and more popular because of the international diabetes federation and world health organisation supporting sugar tax legislation. Natural sweeteners,such as xylo-oligosaccharide,Stevioside,Mogrosides,etc.provides a zero-calorie sweetness.


Natural sweeteners could be the inevitable choice for health for the contemporary consumer.It will guide people to form healthier eating and consumption habits.When using these products as sweetener, besides ensuring superior sweet taste,it can achieve a significant reduction in sugar and calorie content in food and beverages.It is also suitable for the diets of pregnant women and diabetic patients. 

Natural sweeteners are widely used in medicine,health products,food & beverage industries.They are also used in the frozen food,canned rood,candied fruits,spices,wine,chewing gum and toothpaste and so on.Today,over four billion people in the world are eating foods and drinks containing stevioside,xylo-oligosaccharide or Mogrosides,and the safety of these ingredient is guaranteed by extensive research.More than 200 academic research,verification,and national regulatory agencies in more than 65 countries of the world have approved its edible use. 

Eating sweet foods in moderation is very important,but greed for these can lead to excessive calorie intake that can harm health.Along with the increasing severity of global obesity,diabetes and other health problems,many countries in the world are taking measures to levy a tax on sugary drinks,so as to actively create a healthier environment for consumers. 

In order to guide people to form healthier eating and consumption habits,more and more countries are implementing a sugar tax system. This increases the cost for enterprises to produce high-sugar goods.Under the regulation of this policy,On the one hand, it will lead producers to adjust their product formulations and lead them to develop healthier products that have a lower tax; on the other hand,consumers will gradually realize the intention of the regulation, and will more reasonably plan their diets and correct unhealthy consumption habits. 

Nowadays, more and more people pay more attention to healthy eating, they need to control sugar intake to prevent multiple diseases.In order to adapt to market demand, most manufacturers also increasingly purchase natural sweetener. 

If you are interested in the natural sweetener products,such as xylo-oligosaccharide,Stevioside and Mogrosides.Please contact with us directly.

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