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Natural Pigments

Aug 16, 2017

Natural Pigments

Natural plant-derived pigments is the natural alternative to artificial pigments on the market.Color plays an important role in our perception of freshness, taste, andquality of all foods.  The food industry is, therefore, interested in gaining a betterunderstanding of color generation and color stabilization during the various stepsof food processing.  Since many natural pigments, are to some extent, Natural food colorants can beoriginally present in the foodstuff, or may be added as an extract to enhance thenatural color.


High-performing natural pigments


1.Odorless and flavorless


2.High color strength


3.Entirely from plant origin


4.Wide array of colors


5.Uniform visual appearance (no speckling)


6.Compatible with most dispersion systems


A safe alternative that satisfies the highest industry standards


• Very fine powders made up of natural dyes that are encapsulated in a water-insoluble rice protein matrix


• No aluminum salt as found in artificial pigments


• No allergens


• Produced from Food Grade ingredients


• Contains no artificial dyes



It has many applications:


• Confections, pastry fillings, snack bars and coatings for other food products


• Vitamins and food supplements in tablet form


• Potential application in the cosmetic industry


PurpleAnthocyanins - Red Cabbage,Grape Skin Extract
BlueAnthocyanins - Red Cabbage,Black Goji Extract
TurquoiseAnthocyanins - Red Cabbage
RedRed Yeast Rice ExtractExtract of Capsicum,Lycopene--Tomato Extract
YellowCurcuma (Turmeric)
OrangeAnnatto - Bixin
Light GreenRed Cabbage and Curcuma



The natural pigments applied to the product's surface yield vivid colors and excellent stability.


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