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How To Protect Yourself In The Event Of An Earthquake ?

Aug 19, 2018

How to protect yourself in the event of an earthquake?

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If there is a sudden earthquake in a bungalow, get under the bed, under the table, and cover your head with bedding, pillows, basins, etc., and then leave the house as soon as possible and move to a safe place. If a house collapses during an earthquake, don't move under the bed or under the table, wait until the earthquake stops moving in and out of the house or wait for rescue. 

2. If you live in a building and an earthquake occurs, don't try to run out of the building because it's too late. The safest and most effective way is to hide in the smallest room between two load-bearing walls, such as toilet, kitchen, etc. Can also hide in the table, cabinets and other furniture and the corner of the inside of the room, and pay attention to the protection of the head. Do not go to the balcony and under the window to avoid. 

3. If there is an earthquake in class, do not panic, not in the classroom or scramble to go out. Students close to the door can quickly run to the door, students in the middle and back row can hide under the desk as soon as possible, cover their head with a schoolbag; students against the wall should close to the root of the wall and cover their head with both hands.

 4. If you have left the room, Never go back to the house to pick up something as soon as the earthquake stops. Since an aftershock will follow the first earthquake, the aftershock will pose a greater threat to people. 

5. If an earthquake occurs in a public place, there is no need to panic and run around. You can avoid danger in the building if you are in the street, you can hide in the nearest and safer place, such as under the table cabinet, under the stage, in the music pool. 

6, if you are in the street, you must not run into the building to avoid danger. Don't stop under tall buildings, billboards, narrow alleys, bridges, etc. 

7. If you are buried in a building after an earthquake, try to remove objects that are pressed above your abdomen; cover your mouth and nose with a towel. Prevent smog asphyxiation; try to save your strength, find food and water, create living conditions, and wait for help. Posture to be taken: lie down and sit down, curl up as much as possible and lower your weight. Grab a firm object, such as a table leg. Protect your head and neck, eyes, and cover your mouth and nose. Avoid the flow of people, do not crowd around, do not light an open fire, because the air may have flammable and explosive gas shock absorber points: whether to run or avoid the shock, Most experts in our country think that it is a better way to avoid the earthquake and quickly evacuate to the safe place after the earthquake. The shock absorber should choose the indoor strong, can cover the body under (next to), easy to form the triangle space place, the open space small, the support place, the room place is open, the safe place.


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