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Happy New Year ,We Love Bolin!

Jan 03, 2019

                                                    The new year of Shaanxi bolin

 The activity theme  

 My New Year's Day, I am the Lord!   2018, thank you, 2019, all the way!

 The purpose of the event

Sum up the past, look to the future, relax, work happily, and let employees improve communication and coordination in the game!


In order to welcome the arrival of the New Year, at 12.29, 2018, all of our Bolin employees celebrated the New Year.

First of all, we ate a reunion dinner together, everyone toasted each other, thank each other, bless, and cheer each other!



After the meal, our 25 employees went to the karaoke room to sing together, listened to the song while drinking, and played games together. The atmosphere was very good. Very cheerful, unforgettable one afternoon.



Bolin 2018, we have Sweat , lucky, and harvest!

Cheers to 2018, cheers to 2019

I wish bolin team will be strong and prosperous performance in the coming year

I would like to express my gratitude to all the friends who supported bolin biology this year

Happy New Year !


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