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EFSA Issued A Comment On The Safety And Efficacy Of Raisin Extracts As Feed Flavoring Substances.

Mar 28, 2018

According to the European food safety authority (EFSA), at the request of the European commission, the European food safety authority animal feed expert group (FEEDAP) raisins extracts as feed flavoring substances released the safety and effectiveness.

The eu expert group studied the seeds and skins of a wine grape vinifera.Currently, the European Union approves grape extracts and other flavoring substances from food for food and does not require special permission.

The eu expert group believes that raisin extract is safe for all animals (except dogs) for 100 mg/kg.The dog's safe dietary concentration cannot be obtained.

After the maximum limit is used for feed, the raisin extract does not pose a threat to consumers' health.

The raisin extract for this test is irritant to the skin and eyes.However, due to incomplete data, the addition of raisin extract to the skin and respiratory system is not conclusive.

The European Union's food safety agency also believes the use of raisin extracts in the maximum amount will not pose a threat to the environment.Due to the main components of the additive, grape seed extract rich in anthocyanins is regarded as a food flavoring substances, so the function will be similar in the feed, so it is not necessary to evaluate its performance.


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