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Relieve Stress, Reduce Blood Sugar And Improve Sexual Health. Global Fenugreek Extract

Oct 16, 2018

Trigonella foenum-graecum L.Trigonella foenum-graecum L.-1 is one of the essential ingredients for curry spices and is widely used in Indian cuisine. [8] Young stems and leaves can be eaten as vegetables, and stems, leaves or seeds dried by sun and ground powder mixed with flour for steaming as flavor enhancers. [4] As ice cream, instant noodles, canned food, quick-frozen food thickener and improver in food industry, juluba gum plays an important role in maintaining the color, aroma, taste, structure and relative stability of food. It can make ice cream and other dairy products have a smooth taste of cream, can also be used as a stable emulsifier, control the formation of ice crystals in frozen food, inhibit product dehydration.


Juluba gum separated from mature seeds of Juluba can be widely used in petroleum exploitation, mining and mineral processing, daily chemical industry, printing and dyeing sizing and other industries. Compared with imported guar gum, the properties of juluba gum were better than those of guar gum in cold water insoluble matter, water solubility and residue. [7]


The whole grass has the smell of coumarin. It can be used as fodder; dried whole grass can remove pests. [4] seeds and seeds of fenugreek contain aromatic oil. It can be used in tobacco, food, daily chemical products, cosmetics and hygienic products, as raw materials for industrial spices and industrial flavors.

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