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Oct 10, 2018

Chris Lee, managing director of GHNN Europe at Informa Exhibitions, said: "We are very excited about this year's performance, and the Asia International Nutrition and Health Food Fair has experienced quite strong growth in Singapore. Attendance increased by 12% year on year, and the number of international exhibitors increased to 350 from 41 countries. Participants and suppliers had higher feedback on the quality of discussions than ever before.


"We are honored to be part of this thriving industry and to provide the knowledge and platform to support its development. This year, 5680 business professionals from 56 countries participated. We are encouraged by the significant increase in participants from Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, South Korea, Thailand and Japan, which reflects the growing demand of manufacturers and distributors in the industry for global suppliers.


Singapore has proved to be a particularly successful host city. Because it's the center of food research, most of the world's leading food companies are doing nutritional and health food research here. Singapore's exceptional research capacity and infrastructure also provide strong support for innovation to understand Asian differences in food metabolism, which can lead to the development of more healthy foods. The Asia International Nutrition and Health Food Fair has played an important role in the industry's operations in Asia, helping to establish positive business links.


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