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Duckweed Protein Is Recognized By The FDA As A New Alternative Protein

Aug 30, 2018

Parabel USA is a producer of vegetable protein raw materials and is headquartered in Florida. The company provides plant-based non-GMO materials and promotes social and environmental benefits through its hydroponic systems and community investments.


The plant protein is derived from the duckweed water lentils, which are rich in protein and nutrients and are a good solution to the food industry's search for a healthy and sustainable alternative to traditional raw materials. The advantage of high-yield lentils is that their biomass can double in 24-36 hours and harvest every day. The plant protein is labeled as LENTEIN Complete (ie, duckweed protein powder).

The protein in LENTEIN is similar to animal protein. Unlike ordinary vegetable protein, it can be described as "unheard of in plant protein". LENTEIN contains a ratio of essential amino acids and branched chain amino acids (BCAA) equivalent to whey, which is significantly higher than other vegetable proteins including soybeans, and its protein digestibility score (PDCAAS) is 0.93. The material also contains other macro and micronutrients, especially omega-3 fatty acids, lutein, dietary fiber, and no food allergens.

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Cecilia Wittbjer, vice president of marketing at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), said the decision meant a lot for the traditional food industry. The tonic industry has its own standards, and most people are only satisfied with GRAS-approved products, which means that the pace of regulation can be accelerated in the world where FDA regulations are the standard.

Some countries currently import LENTEIN protein under the label of vegetable protein. In some countries, water lentils have been used as food for a long time, and some countries are still waiting for FDA approval. From the perspective of potential applications, Wittbjer believes that among the many popular plant protein species, the water lentil protein powder is natural and green, and has the highest popularity in the beverage industry. The FDA also noted that in future applications, LENTEIN can also be considered a pigment additive, which requires the company to submit an application.

Parabel CEO Anthony Tiarks said that the receipt of the no-objection letter exceeded the company's strict adherence to industry standards and once again reaffirmed the company's values of transparency and security. LENTEIN not only gives a vibrant green application, but also maintains its color at different temperatures. Based on this, Parabel hopes to provide customers with not only high-nutrition products, but also the raw materials for customers.

Parabel's equipment is subject to rigorous SQF standards. SQF is a global food safety promotion (GFSI)-approved HACCP-based food safety and quality management system, and GFSI is recognized as a leader in food safety advancement. Parabel's products are also non-GMO certified and are qualified and halal.

Parabel has more than 70 patents covering everything from crop growth to end product production. Since 2011, the company has placed great emphasis on the protection of intellectual property rights to ensure that the business is protected globally in multiple areas. Tiarks believes that a new material is not only unusual, but also valuable, and a devastating event in the world's food chain. At present, Parabel's existing plant produces 300 tons of LENTEIN protein powder per year. The second farm will be completed in early 2019. It is expected to reproduce 3,000 tons of LENTEIN protein powder after completion to meet the growing global demand for vegetable protein.

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