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Development Of Functional Drinks During The World Cup

Jun 22, 2018

  The 2018 World Cup in Russia is coming, and fans are going crazy about the world's first sport for a month. But have you ever noticed the color functional drinks that athletes drink after sweating and sweating on the field? what is the composition of this water and what does it do? As ordinary sports enthusiasts, do we usually need to drink after exercise? In fact, athletes usually drink "sports drinks", is a "functional drinks", there are many functional drinks, mainly to make the body benefit. Functional beverages include, but are not limited to: sports and body presentation drinks, energy drinks, i.e. tea drinks, educational drinks, fortified juices, soy drinks, and fortified drinking water. Functional beverages may include (but are not limited to) herbs, vitamins, minerals, brain building substances, amino acids, fresh fruit and vegetable juice, etc.

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