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Columbia Plans To Buy Health Brand SlimFast At US $350 Million

Oct 16, 2018

Glanbia plc, the global nutrition group, recently signed an agreement with the owners of KSF Holdings LLP and HNS Intermediate Corporation, which share SlimFast and other brands, to buy the SlimFast brand for $350 million.


SlimFast is a leading weight management and health brand, mainly distributed in the food, drug, mass and club (FDMC) industries in the United States and the United Kingdom. SlimFast is a mature, growing brand with a high profile in the United States and its largest market.

SlimFast achieved net sales of $212 million in 2017, with adjusted EBITDA (interest, tax, depreciation and pre-amortization profits) of $24 million, and a net pre-tax loss of $12 million after calculating supply chain switching costs. In fiscal year 2017, SlimFast's total assets amounted to US $136 million. Glanbia plans to include the brand in its Performance Nutrition department.

Siobhn Talbot, managing director of Glanbia Group, said SlimFast is a mature and lasting brand that complements the existing lifestyle consumer portfolio of the country's nutritional supplement brands Healthy Delights and Nu-Therapy, catering to the global fade with a focus on convenient forms and snacks. Fee trend. The deal is in line with the strategic goal of expanding the company's performance nutrition portfolio to meet relevant consumer needs.

It is understood that the transaction is expected to be completed by the end of 2018 to meet customary completion conditions, agreed settlement accounts and regulatory approval. The final purchase amount will depend on the value of the actual working capital at completion. The deal, which will be financed in full by available banking facilities in Colombia, is expected to increase earnings per share starting in 2019.

SlimFast introduction

Over the past 40 years, SlimFast has pioneered a range of products in weight management and health and health, including ready-to-drink (RTD) and premixed (RTM) powder products, as well as Advanced Nutrition products, including high protein, high fiber and gluten-free foods, to replace milk shakes and ice sands.

Source: Nutraceuticals World

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