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Astaxanthin Supplements Reduce Oxidative Stress Markers On The Face Skin

Jul 16, 2018

Recently, published in the journal nutrition research, from the British saratov Lycotec company and Russia national medical university joint research found that 4 mg per day dose of astaxanthin supplement, four weeks, can make facial skin oxidative stress markers to reduce more than 20%.

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The study also found that astaxanthin supplements significantly reduced the amount of keratinocytes in the outer layers of the skin and the amount of bacteria in the skin.

Related researchIn the study, researchers recruited 17 men and 14 women, all aged over 40.All participants were given a 4mg/ day dose of astaxanthin supplements for four weeks.

The results showed that after two weeks of taking supplements, levels of the oxidative stress marker malondialdehyde (MDA) in the blood decreased by 11%, and by 22% after four weeks.In addition, the test analysis showed that the number of keratinocytes and skin microorganism dropped steadily and significantly, and the effect on obese participants was more significant.

Researchers say that intake of astaxanthin around only can significantly improve the look of the facial skin, reduce skin's surface, remnants of that astaxanthin can be used as a dietary factor, effectively improve skin for find a new way to prevent skin aging.

The study also suggests that overweight and obese people may benefit more from a combination of astaxanthin supplements.

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