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Application Of Common Plant Extracts In Cosmetics Industry

Aug 08, 2017

Application of Common Plant Extracts in Cosmetics Industry


We have collected some examples of common plant extracts in the cosmetic industry, and we hope to be familiar with the plant extracts.

1. Aloe extract: with good lubrication and moisturizing effect, but also anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory and promote the healing of skin healing.

2.Ginseng extract: with the promotion of skin function, increase skin vitality, protect the skin and other functions. According to Chinese traditional medicine,Ginseng has the function of beautifying and  moisturizing skin ,prolonging life. For the skin, with anti-aging, anti-wrinkle effect. Particularly suitable for dry and allergic skin.

3.Hops extract: It has the function of calming, relaxing and nourishing skin, especially for neutral and allergic skin.

4.Kiwi fruit extract: rich in natural acid, inorganic salts, minerals, sugar, vitamin C and so on, with moisturizing, skin care and other functions.

5. Papaya extract: extracted from natural papaya, it has the functions of skin regeneration, firming, skin care, moisturizing and whitening

6.Chamomile extract: the main ingredient - apigenin, has the functions of calming, relaxing and nourishing the skin, whitening and moisturizing.

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7.Tea polyphenols: extracted from green tea polyphenols, can be a good regulation of the skin's pH, inhibit sebum secretion of excess oil, and the skin surface grease and lipolysis and oxidation reaction, so that excess oil catabolism, So the deep oil to the role, at the same time, tea polyphenols have a strong oxygen function, can remove free radicals, kill acne bacteria.

8.Anthocyanins: high activity products, so far the most efficient antioxidants, in addition to free radicals, dependents for the "life of youth", relative to VA, VE, antioxidant free radicals effect of 20-50 times

9.Bergamot: refreshing, regulating sebum secretion, suitable for oily, acne skin, analgesic,antibacterial, deodorant, sedative (stimulate sensitive skin, can not illuminate the sun)

10.Licorice extract: with anti-inflammatory, soothing, detoxification, antibacterial, promote immunity, whitening, anti-acne, anti-aging effects.

11.Kudzu root extract: it has the effects of clearing heat, relieving alcoholism and delaying senility. Rich in flavonoids, care of the skin.

12.Angelica extract: has the function of promoting blood circulation, nourishing blood and nourishing blood. It is often used for nourishing the female skin. It can promote the blood circulation of the skin and nourish and whiten the skin.

13.Honeysuckle extract: remove rush itching, detoxification, antibacterial, anti acne, anti-inflammatory and other effects.

14.Seaweed extract: calming and soothing smooth function, and has a slimming effect, especially suitable for normal to dry skin.


This is only a small part of it, believe that natural raw materials will bring us beautiful and healthy.

More information , please contact us with following details.

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