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2018 China's Plant Extract Export Market TOP10

Jan 14, 2019


           2018 China's plant extract export market TOP10, 

                         ------------------the United States, Japan, Indonesia, the top three


According to customs statistics, in 2017, China's export of plant extracts was US$2.01 billion, up 4.33% year-on-year. It successfully reversed the unfavorable situation of 10.93% in the same period of 2016. The export volume was 79,700 tons, and the decline was also narrowed from 14.29% to 4.15. %.

In 2018, the export value of the plant extract industry began to show an upward trend, which was a significant increase compared with the same period last year. So what are the main exporting countries of plant extracts in China? What are the main export varieties?


TOP1: US market

In the first quarter, China’s exports of US extracts amounted to US$115 million, an increase of 6.2% from the first quarter of last year, accounting for 19.98% of total exports. For a long time, the United States has been the largest exporter of plant extracts in China, but once Trump The government imposed 3,000 tariff policies, and China’s exports to the United States may be greatly restricted.

The products I export to the United States mainly include dietary supplement raw materials such as stevia extract, licorice extract and ginkgo biloba extract.

image image

TOP2: Japanese market

In the first quarter, China’s exports of Japanese extracts were US$66 million, a year-on-year increase of 12%, accounting for 11.49% of total exports. Maintained steady growth.

The main extract products for export are Hanfang extract, licorice hydrochloride, menthol, rutin and so on. It can be seen that the main export to Japan is mainly based on spices.


TOP3: Indonesian market

In the first quarter, my export value of Indonesian extracts was US$47 million, an increase of 181% year-on-year, accounting for 8.3% of total exports. The market for Indonesian extracts grew rapidly and market potential broke out.

Indonesia is the largest export destination of flavors and fragrances in China, and its export varieties are mainly flavor and spice plant extracts.

Momordica charantia ExtractLycopene (4)


TOP4: Hong Kong market

TOP5: German market

TOP6: Indian market

TOP7: Spanish market

TOP8: French market

TOP9: Korean market

TOP10: Malaysia market

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