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Ternate Pinellia Extract/hot Selling Plant Extract 100% Natural Ternate Pinellia Extract for Sale

Ternate Pinellia Extract/hot Selling Plant Extract 100% Natural Ternate Pinellia Extract for Sale

English Name: Ternate Pinellia Extract Latin Name:Rhizoma Pinelliae Plant Source: Seed Appearance: Brown Yellow powder Specification: 5:1-20:1   Test Method:UV

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Pinellia is a genus of plants in the family Araceae native to Asia. Its species are commonly called Green Dragons due to the color and shape of the inflorescence, which possesses a green, hooded spathe from which protrudes a long, tongue-like extension of the spadix. The leaves vary greatly in shape among different species, from simple and cordate to compound with three to many leaflets. Pinellia reproduces rapidly from seed and many species also produce bulbils on the leaves. Both characteristics have allowed some species to become weedy in temperate areas outside their native range, notably Pinellia pedatisecta and Pinellia ternata in eastern North America. 

Pinellia extract is acrid in flavour, warm in nature and toxic. It acts on the spleen, stomach and lung channels.

Pinellia Tuber is the dried tuber of Pinelliae ternate (Thunb.) Breit. (Fam. Araceae).

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English Name: Ternate Pinellia Extract

Latin Name:Rhizoma Pinelliae

Plant SourceSeed
Appearance: Brown Yellow powder

Specification: 5:1-20:1

Place of Origin: China 

Storage: Store in a cool & dry area, keep away from the direct light and heat.
Validity: Two years if properly stored.
Shelf Life: Two years under well storage situation and stored away from direct sun light.


1. To remove damp and phlegm, to relieve nausea and vomiting, and to eliminate stuffiness in the chest and the epigastrium.Cough and asthma with much phlegm;
2. Dizziness and palpitation due to retention of phlegm and fluid;
3. Vertigo caused by wind-phlegm; beadache with cold extremities due to attack of phlegm; stuffiness in the chest and the epigastrium;
4. Globus hystericus. Rhizoma Pineliae (processed with ginger ) is often used for relieving nausea and vomiting, while Rhizoma pinelliae(Proccessed with alum) for removing damp and phlegm.
5. Rhizoma Pinelliae (unproccessed) is used externally for boils, sores and lymphadenitis.


1. Pharmaceutical stuff;
2. Functional food and food additive;
3. Cosmetics additive;

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