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Tangerine Peel Extract /hot Sale 100% Natural High Quality Orange Peel Extract With Free Sample

Tangerine Peel Extract /hot Sale 100% Natural High Quality Orange Peel Extract With Free Sample

Product Name: Tangerine Peel Extract Latin Name: Citrussinensis(L.)Osbeck Part Used: Peel of Tangerine Odor &Taste: Characteristic Specification: 90%,95% Hesperidin Test Method:HPLC

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About Tangerine Peel Extract   : 

Traditional Chinese herbal medicine uses several citrus peels for specific health support, including those of mandarin orange (Citrus reticulata Blanco) and bitter orange (Citrus Aurantium).
For hundreds of years, herbalists trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) have used mature mandarin orange peel, known as chen pi or ju pi in Chinese medicine, to improve digestion, relieve intestinal gas and bloating, and resolve phlegm. This peel acts primarily on the digestive and respiratory systems. We apply it in conditions involving a sense of distension and fullness in the chest and upper middle abdomen combined with loss of appetite, vomiting or diarrhea, or coughs with copious phlegm.
Immature mandarin orange peel, known as qing pi in Chinese medicine, acts primarily on the liver and stomach to promote digestion, relieve food retention and abdominal distension, and promote good liver function. Practitioners of Chinese herbology use this herb when the sense of distension and discomfort lies primarily under the rib cage rather than the central abdomen.
The Chinese materia medica states that the rind of the mature bitter orange (zhi qiao) relieves abdominal distension and chest congestion.

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Product details: Tangerine peel extract


Herbal extract 


Brown to Yellow powder






Citrus aurantium extraction

Extraction type

Solvent extraction

Active ingredients




Brand name


Place of origin

China (mainland)



Shelf Life

24 month

Functions.jpg1.    Instant Tangerine Peel Extract powder can Eliminate phlegm, anti-asthma

2.    Instant Tangerine Peel Extract powder can Promote the secretion of digestive juices, invigorate stomach

3.    Instant Tangerine Peel Extract powder can Excited myocardial, adjust blood pressure, prevent arteriosclerosis

4.    Instant Tangerine Peel Extract powder can Anti-inflammation, anti-aging

5.    Instant Tangerine Peel Extract powder can Inhibit breast cancer


1. As added ingredients of medicines for improving immunity, benefitting spleen and kidney and treating 

impotence , it is widely used in the fields of medicine and health products; 

2. Applied in cosmetic field, it is able to nourish and cure the skin. 

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