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Semen Cassiae Extract/bolin Supply Hot Sell Cassia Seed Extract With Low Price for Health Care

Semen Cassiae Extract/bolin Supply Hot Sell Cassia Seed Extract With Low Price for Health Care

Product Name:Semen Cassiae Extract Appearance: Brownish yellow fine powder Specification:4:1-20:1 Test Method:HPLC Particle siza:100% pass 80 mesh.

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Semen Cassia seeds come from the cassia, an annual plant that grows in the world's tropical zones. It is an upright-growing plant that can reach a height of more than four feet, with large, green leaves and yellow flowers. The entire plant is picked and reaped in autumn, then dried in the sun. The seeds threshed off the plant, and can be used either raw or after being fried. Externally, cassia seeds range in color from greenish-brown to dark brown, with a smooth surface. Some cassia seeds may have small yellowish bands on the outer surface.

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Product Name:Semen Cassiae Extract

Botanical source: Cassia tora L. or Cassia obtusifolia L.

Part Used:Seed

Appearance:Brownish yellow fine powder


Particle size:100% passed 80 mesh.

Test Method:HPLC

Storage:Store in a cool & dry area, keep away from the direct light and heat

Shelf Life:Two years under well storage situation and stored away from direct sun light


1.It is suitable for patients of old age, protracted disease and postpartum, and constipation caused by deficiency of Yin and blood.

2. Fructus Cassiae Sweet in flavour, neutral in nature, it acts on spleen, stomach and large intestine channels.;

3.The herb is sweet, neutral and moist, rich in oil, effective for moistening and loosening bowels to relieve constipation and treating deficiency and nourishing Yin;


1.Children drooling;

2.Meniere's disease;


4.Chronic back pain;

5. Acute infection of intestine;

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