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Lophatherum Herb Extract / Bamboo Leaf Extract Powder Flavonoids 20% 40% Made In China

Lophatherum Herb Extract / Bamboo Leaf Extract Powder Flavonoids 20% 40% Made In China

Product Name:Lophatherum Herb Extract Appearance: Brown Yellow Fine Powder Activity ingredient:Flavonoids,Organosilicone Specification:20% 40% Flavones, 50% 70% Organosilicone, 5:1, 10:1 Test Method:UV

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Common Lophatherum (Bamboo leaf) has a long history of food and medical application in China, and has recently been listed by Ministry of Health PRC into the list of natural plants with dual-purposes as food and drug. According to the related research work, effective ingredients of lophatherum extract (Bamboo leaf) include flavone, phenolic acid, lactone, polyose, amino acid, microelements, etc, with enhanced effects of anti-radical and blood vessel disease, protecting liver, expansion of blood capillary, smoothing microcirculation, improving retentive faculty, improving sleep quality, anti-cancer and skin beautifcation. In the Second International Natural Antioxidant Meeting supported jointly by seven specilized institutions including UNESCO, International Free Radical Research Association, China Free Radical Biology and Medicine Association and others, many experts claimed their findings of positive impacts raised by this exact against the toxicity toward bone marrow caused by anticancer drugs, on microcirculation and blood platelet functions of coronary heart disease sufferers, and on the blooding of cardiac muscle

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Product Name: Lophatherum Herb Extract /Bamboo Leaf Extract


Latin Name: Herba Lophatheri


Part Used: Leaf


Appearance: Brown Yellow Fine Powder


Active Ingredient: Flavones, Organosilicone


Specification: 20% 40% Flavones, 50% 70% Organosilicone, 5:1, 10:1


Test Method: UV


Place of Origin: China 


Storage: Store in a cool & dry area, keep away from the direct light and heat.

Validity: Two years if properly stored.

Shelf Life: Two years under well storage situation and stored away from direct sun light.


1. Lophatherum Herb Extract can protect the blood vessel of brain and heart, adjust blood lipid, low the 

blood viscidity.


2. Lophatherum Herb Extract can strengthen the immune system,anti-fatigue.


3. Lophatherum Herb Extract can anti-bacteria, anti-virus, deodorization.


4. Lophatherum Herb Extract can increases the meat's safety, improve it's color and keep the water.


5. Lophatherum Herb Extract is used in the beverage as the favor, anti-oxidant, sweetener and color.


1. Applied in food field, used as raw materials of tea get good reputation;


 2.Applied in health product field , it can be used as the raw materials to enhance the immunity of human body;


3.Applied in pharmaceutical field, to be added into capsule to reduce blood sugar.

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