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Factory Supply Low Price Organic Agave Extract Powder

Factory Supply Low Price Organic Agave Extract Powder

1. Product Name: Agave powder 2. Latin Name: Agave americana L. 3. Appearance: Brown Yellow Fine Powder 4. Part Used: Leaf 5. Active ingredient: Thymol 6. Specification: 10:1 7. Test Method: UV

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The Agave Americana l. is also known as the dragon tongue palm, the flax, is the Agave orchid, the tequila is perennial evergreen large herbs, native Mexico.Because of its strong blade, evergreen, one of the important materials for the south garden, the Yangtze river basin and the north area are often greenhouse plants.Good drainage, rich and moist sandy soil.


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1.      Product Name: Agave powder

2.      Latin Name: Agave americana L.

3.      Appearance: Brown Yellow Fine Powder

4.      Part Used: Leaf

5.      Active ingredient: Thymol

6.      Specification: 10:1

7.      Test Method: UV

8.      Odour: Characteristic

9.      Application: Health care products

10.  Packaging: 1KG aluminum foil bag, 25kg paper carton.

11.  Storage:  Store in a dry and cool area, keep away from direct light and heat.

12.  Shelf Life: 2 years if properly stored

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Functions.jpg1. Nourish the lung, eliminate phlegm and relieve cough.

2. Treatment of vomiting blood and asthma. 

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1.      Health care products 

     2.   Cosmetic field

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