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China Factory Supply High Quality Raw Material Retinoic Acid Powder In Bulk

China Factory Supply High Quality Raw Material Retinoic Acid Powder In Bulk

Product Name: Retinoic Acid Synonym Name: Vitamin A Acid, Tretinoin, Retinoids Appearance: Yellow Crystalline Powder Active Ingredient: Tretinoin Specification: Tretinoin 99% CAS NO.: 302-79-4 EINECS NO.: 206-129-0

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Vitamin A Acidis A metabolite of vitamin A in vivo, which mainly affects the growth of bone and promotes the metabolism of epithelial cell proliferation, differentiation and exfoliation.It is used for the treatment of common acne, psoriasis, ichthyosis, lichen lichen, hairy pityriasis, follicular keratosis, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma.

Vitamin A Acid also known as retinoic acid, is an important drug in the treatment of leukemia.

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Product Name: Tretinoin (Vitamin A Acid, Retinoids)

Other Product Name: all-trans retinoic acid

Appearance: Yellow or light orange crystalline powder

Specification: 97.0--103.0%                                           

Molecular Formula: C20H28O2

Molecular Weight: MW 300.44

CAS No.: 302-79-4

EINECS No.:206-129-0

Grade: Cosmetic Grade, Medicine Grade


Certificate: ISO,Halal

Standard: USP32

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1.  Vitamin A Acid /Tretinoin , can be called as Tretinoin, Vitamin A Acid, Trans Vitamin A


Acid either, is a kind of raw material used in pharmaceutical area. 


2.  Vitamin A Acid /Tretinoin is the metabolic intermediate of the Vitamin A in our internal




3.  Vitamin A Acid /Tretinoin is mainly functioned in the metabolism of bone growth,


epithelial cell proliferation, differentiation, and other keratolytic.


1. Vitamin A Acid/Tretinoin is widely applied in pharmaceutical field, mainly used for


the cure of dermatonosus like acne, ichthyosis and psoriasis abnormal, etc..


2. Vitamin A Acid /Tretinoin can be made into tretinoin or retinoic acid cream to cure


acne or other unhealthy skin.


3. Vitamin A Acid /Tretinoin is used for skin keratinocytes-resistant drugs and cell-


induced differentation drug.

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