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Vitamin B1/ Bolin Supply High Quality And Low Price Vitamin B1 / Thiamine Hcl Cas 59-43-8 With Free Sample

Vitamin B1/ Bolin Supply High Quality And Low Price Vitamin B1 / Thiamine Hcl Cas 59-43-8 With Free Sample

Product Name:Vitamin B1 Appearance:White crystalline powder CAS No.: 59-43-8 EINECS: 200-425-3 Molecular Formula:C12H16N4OS(·HCl) Molecular Weight:300.81

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Vitamin B1, otherwise known as thiamine or thiamin, is a water-soluble part of the vitamin B complex. It is produced by various plants, bacteria, and types of fungus. A deficiency in the diet can lead to a condition known as beriberi, which is discussed in more detail later on this site. Lesser levels of deficiency can also produce various symptoms .

Product Description 

English name: Thiamine

Synonyms: Thiamin,VB1,Aneurine,anti-neuritic vitamin or anti-beriberi vitamins.
Molecular weight : 300.81
Water soluble: Soluble in water
Appearance: White crystalline or crystalline powder
EINECS No.: 200-425-3

Standard: Bp, Usp, Food Grade, Feed Grade

Food Source:The most abundant food sources are sunflower seed kernel, peanut, soybean meal and lean pork, followed by cereals such as wheat flour, millet, corn and rice, and less in fish, vegetables and fruits


Category B1 Substances:
1). Aneurine / Thiamine
Molecular formula: C12H16N4OS (· HCl)
[CAS: 59-43-8]
2). Aneurine hydrochloride / thiamine hydrochloride
Molecular formula: C12H17ClN4OS · HCl)
CAS: 67-03-8
3). Thiamine nitrate
Molecular formula: C12H17N5O4S
CAS RN: 532-43-4


Place of Origin: China 

Storage: Store in a cool & dry area, keep away from the direct light and heat.

Validity: Two years if properly stored.

Shelf Life: Two years under well storage situation and stored away from direct sun light.

Main Function   

1. Vitamin B1 was the first that was described amongst water-soluble vitamins. Originally, it was named anuerin, referring to the negative neurological effects that were seen when insufficient amounts were consumed;

2. Vitamin B1 to promote growth; help digestion, especially in carbohydrate digestion; to improve mental health; maintain nerve tissue ;


3. It can contribute to the band Like herpes (herpes zoster) treatment ;


4.It serves as a coenzyme in various reactions, necessary for carbohydrate metabolism and normal neural activity ;


5. Vitamin B1 is found to be helpful in treating many other diseases.It is an essential  ingredient for compound feed, and it may facilitate growth of young animals .


Extensively used in nurture, food additive and pharmaceutics.

payment - 副本



 Aluminum foil bag: Little quantity of extraction powder packaged in a plastic bag, 

                        and with aluminum foil bag outside.Regular 1kg-2kg per bag.

 Cardboard drum: Bulk weight packaged in double plastic bag with a cardboard drum outside. 

                        Regular 25kg-28kg per drum.  


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