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Sapindoside Soap Nut Extract/bolin Supply Natural Soap Nut P.e. Cosmetic /medicine Grade Woth Free Sample

Sapindoside Soap Nut Extract/bolin Supply Natural Soap Nut P.e. Cosmetic /medicine Grade Woth Free Sample

SoapNut Extract can wash the hair and face.It has bactericidal , anti-inflammatory, antidandruff itching, acne freckle, whitening, prevention and treatment of skin diseases,reduce the blood pressure and and other effect.

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product description

Introduction        Soap nut is a kind of berry fruit, from the soap nut tree. It used as one of the main detergent for thousand years.can wash the hair and face. It also be used as the herb for cure disease, such as:anti-bacteria,anti-inflammation reduce the blood pressure and so on. 

The soapnut tree was originally native to China and southern India, but today it is widespread throughout most countries.Soap nut extract main active ingredients of Soapnut Saponin are of three kinds: triterpenoid saponins(Ⅰ),sesquiterpene glucoside(Ⅱ),Fatty oil and protein. and Soapnut Saponin is a non-ionic surfactant,which has a strong role in reducing surface tension, effectively wash in addition to and attached to the skin surface due to contamination of heavy metal particles, and the cleaning ability is better than most other detergents. In addition to cleansing benefit, it can even prevent bacteria's further growth, remove scurf, whiten, fade spots, and moisten skin. Moreover, It can remove and reduce pesticide and chemical residues.Soapnut Saponin is pure nutural product without any synthetic detergent,essence,pigment or is mild and can be totally degraded without any residual harming health and environment.

Product Description  

Product Name: Soap Nuts Extract 

Chinese Name: Wu Huan Zi

Latin name: Sapindus mukorossi Gareth.

Used part: Soap Nut fruit peel

Active ingredient: Sapindosides 

Specification: Sapindosides 40%, 70%

Test method: HPLC

Appearance: Brown yellow powder 

Function: Natural detergent, anti-bacteria, anti-inflammation. 

Place of Origin:Shaanxi, China (Mainland)

Storage:Store in a cool & dry area, keep away from the direct light and heat

Shelf Life:Two years under well storage situation and stored away from direct sun light

Main Function   

1, Sapindus saponin has strong decontamination capability, readily biodegradable and no harmful residues, easy to wash, no smell, little skin irritation, can be used for skin cleansing (bath, wash, wash, shampoo), washing clothes and cars and so on, so it is an excellent raw material shampoo, cosmetics and various biological detergents;
2, It has a strong reduction of surface tension effect on human skin has antibacterial cosmetic, bactericidal 

anti-inflammatory, antidandruff itching, acne freckle, whitening, prevention and treatment of skin diseases 

and other effects;
3, Sapindus saponin is a good pesticide emulsifier, cotton aphids, spider mites and other insects and sweet potatoes Jinhua have good killing effect;
4, Sapindus saponins have anti-tumor, anti-viral, anti fungal,  lowering blood pressure and other  pharmacological effects;5, Sapindus saponins can significantly reduce the volume and concentration of gastric acid, which has the potential to treat acute gastric ulcer;
6, in addition to in addition Sapindus saponins also contains many substances beneficial to humans, such as: reducing sugars, fatty acids, oils, oleic acid, carotenoids, riboflavin, protein, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B and Lai leucine, tyrosine, phenylalanine, glutamic acid, glycine, histidine and other 10 kinds of amino acids


1.Soapnut Extract can be used for skin cleansing (bath, wash, wash, shampoo), washing clothes, 

antibacterial beauty, whitening, freckle, acne, prevention of skin diseases.

2.For shampoo can effectively prevent hair loss, dandruff, and leaves the hair shiny supple. 

3.Used to wash, bathe whitening speckle, prevent various skin diseases. While also effectively washed environmental pollution attached to the body of a variety of contaminants.

payment - 副本)2WU[73@(PGE)R2GAZ53))G


 Aluminum foil bag: Little quantity of extraction powder packaged in a plastic bag, 

                        and with aluminum foil bag outside.Regular 1kg-2kg per bag.

 Cardboard drum: Bulk weight packaged in double plastic bag with a cardboard drum outside. 

                        Regular 25kg-28kg per drum.  


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