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Alibaba Beauty Products Pure Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen Powder

Alibaba Beauty Products Pure Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen Powder

Fish collagen is a complex structural protein that helps maintain the strength and flexibility of skin, ligaments, joints, bones, muscles, tendons, blood vessels, gums, eyes, nails and hair.

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 What is Fish Collagen ?

    Fish collagen is a complex structural protein that helps maintain the strength and flexibility of skin, ligaments, joints, bones, muscles, tendons, blood vessels, gums, eyes, nails and hair. It’s a type I collagen, which is the most abundant collagen in the human body. Type I is best known for providing the foundation for beautiful skin, strong connective tissues and sturdy bones.


How dose it work ?

    Fish collagen peptides have very specific amino acid compositions with a high concentration of glycine, hydroxyproline and proline. When fish collagen is ingested, hydroxyproline peptides are not completely digested to free amino acids and can be detected in the blood. These hydroxyproline peptides stimulate cells in the skin, joints and bones, and lead to collagen synthesis through cell activation and growth. 


Nutritional  As Follows :

The exact nutritional content of fish collagens varies. Here’s an example of a 10-gram serving of hydrolyzed fish collagen, which contains about: 

45 calories
9.4 grams protein
10 milligrams sodium
0.07 milligrams potassium
0.05 milligrams calcium
0.04 milligrams iron


Product NameHydrolyzed Fish Collagen
SupplierShaanxi Bolin Biotechnology Co.,LTD
Active ingredientsNot less than 95%
AppearanceWhite powder
Molecular FormulaC4H6N2O3R2.(C7H9N2O2R)n
Molecular Weight500DA-10000DA
CAS No.9064-67-9
Particle Size100% pass 80 mesh
Total Plate Count<1000cuf/g
Heavy Matals
Heavy Metal<10ppm
Residual Solvents Eur.Pharm.

Main Function   

1. Lock water storage: Hydrolyzed fish collagenlong-term oligopeptide collagen LOC elastic mesh three-dimensional three dimensional lock water system will last 12 hours release large amounts of water lock group firmly locked in supply water form a "reservoir" genuine leather.

2. Anti-wrinkle and aging :Hydrolyzed fish collagen repair of broken and aging elastic fiber network to reorganize skin tissue and stretch wrinkles;In addition, scavenging free radicals, anti-oxidation and slow skin aging.

3. Smooth fine lines and eliminate red blood: Hydrolyzed fish collagen can be quickly filled in after entering the dermal layer to tighten the skin and enhance the elasticity of skin to prevent and eliminate red blood silk.

4. Freckle: Hydrolyzed fish collagen can make the cell connect more closely and accelerate the metabolism speed to promote dead skin shedding and prevent melanin deposition to make the skin white and pale.

5. Whitening and beautiful skin: Hydrolyzed fish collagen can inhibit the production of melanin and prevent the deposition of melanin so as to achieve the purpose of whitening.

6. Repair black eye circles and pouch: promote the skin microcirculation around the eyes to strengthen the skin metabolism of the eyes and make it moisturized and water to improve the eye bags and dark circles.

7. Strong and handsome breast: collagen is the main element of the connective tissue and elastin and glycoprotein interwoven into a mesh structure produce certain mechanical strength Holds up sagging breasts Make breast forceful, plump and elastic.

8. Delivery and postoperative healing: the contact between platelets and collagen occurs biochemical reaction to produce blood fiber to stop the wound;It also stimulates cell division and proliferation, differentiation and repair of damaged cells to heal wounds.


1) Raw materials: artificial skin, artificial esophagus, artificial trachea, burn protection film.

(2) Medical and medical use: plastic surgery, slow-release drug, bladder incontinence, etc.

(3) Cosmetics: skin cream (paste) (water retention), hair pomade and so on.

(4) Food industry: health food and beverage.

(5) Chemical raw materials: coating, plastic, ink, etc.

(6) Research purpose: cell culture, biosensor, bioreactor, membrane, platelet.

The agglutination is used as a test.

(7) Other: the combination of collagen and resin to repay the material of cigarette filter and filter.

payment - 副本)2WU[73@(PGE)R2GAZ53))G


 Aluminum foil bag: Little quantity of extraction powder packaged in a plastic bag, 

                        and with aluminum foil bag outside.Regular 1kg-2kg per bag.

 Cardboard drum: Bulk weight packaged in double plastic bag with a cardboard drum outside. 

                        Regular 25kg-28kg per drum.  


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