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Which foods contain Sialic Acid?

Jul 02, 2018

Sialic acid is also called N-acetylneuramic acid; 

Sialic acid is a derivative of 9-carbon monosaccharide.The name comes from the Greek word "saliva".Not only is it known to "induce" invasive bacteria, it is also known to be a neurotransmitter of ganglioside lipids and is part of the brain.Sialic acid prevents bacteria from invading.Sialic acid is also the receptor for influenza virus, which is the binding site of influenza virus in mucous cells.Sialic acid (SA), or n-acetylneuraminidine, is a naturally occurring carbohydrate.It was originally isolated from the mucin in the submandibular gland, hence its name.Sialic acid is usually in the form of oligosaccharides, glycolipids, or glycoproteins.In humans, the brain has the highest levels of sialic acid.The content of sialic acid in brain gray matter is 15 times higher than that in liver, lung and other internal organs.Sialic acid is the main food source is breast milk, also in milk, eggs and cheese.But the bird's nest is the highest.

The effects of bird's nest acid

1. Brain gold in intellectual development

Bird's nest acid can promote the memory and intelligence development, bird's nest acid through interactions with brain cell membranes and synapses, improve the reaction speed of brain nerve cells in the synapse, thereby promoting memory and intellectual development.A group of scientists in New Zealand was done for a set of experiments confirmed that the bird's nest acid for the important role of children's intelligence development, finally the experimental conclusion: acid in infants and young children supplement bird's nest, can increase the concentration of the bird's nest acid in the brain, thus improve the brain's ability to learn.

2, improve the intestinal absorption ability, according to the physical phenomenon of simple opposites attract into the intestinal tract with electropositive minerals and some vitamins can easily with strong acid combined with electronegative bird's nest, so the intestinal absorption of the vitamins and minerals ability is enhanced.

3, promote the intestinal detoxification on the membrane protein of the bird's nest acid to improve the cell recognition, cholera toxin, prevent pathologic detoxification of e. coli infection, regulating the blood protein the half-life of a key role.

4. Improving immunity bird's nest acid can improve human immunity, especially children's.

5. Yenvorin has a protective and stable effect on cells, and the lack of sialic acid can lead to the decrease of blood cell life and glycoproteins in metabolism.Do you think that bird's nest acid is actually a wonderful substance?Bird's nest acid on children's mental development especially good, studies have found that in many intelligent people in the nerve membrane, detected acid is higher than the average number of times the bird's nest, from here you can see if the baby before the age of three can lead acid through the bird's nest to learn plenty of bird's nest, to the baby's brain development, intellectual growth is very good.

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