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Which extracts have the effect of protecting liver ?

Aug 24, 2017

Which extracts have the effect of protecting liver ?


Hepatitis is inflammation of the liver, there are different types of hepatitis, the most common cause is caused by the virus, in addition to autoimmune, excessive alcohol abuse, obesity and so on.


In addition to strengthening exercise and refusing unhealthy eating habits to combat liver disease, there are many botanical extracts that protect the liver. Now let's get down to details.


Dandelion extract


Dandelion has been used for liver and digestive system medication for hundreds of years. Dandelion extract is used in liver inflammation and congestion, plays a role in filtering blood flow, gallbladder, liver and kidney toxins and waste, stimulating bile secretion, and helping the body to remove excess water from damaged liver.


Experiments have shown that dandelion extract can successfully treat hepatitis, liver water, jaundice and indigestion. These diseases accompanied by abnormal gallbladder secretion can also be used in the early stages of cirrhosis, such as alcoholic cirrhosis.


Andrographis paniculata extract


The active ingredient of Andrographis paniculata extract is andrographolide, can prevent BHC-induced γ-glutamyl transpeptidase, glutathione-S-transferase enzyme activity and lipid peroxidation.


The use of andrographolide showed on superoxide dismutase, catalase, glutathione peroxidase, glutathione reductase activity and protective effect of maintaining effect on glutathione levels, lipid oxidase activity also decreased. This result shows the anti oxidation and liver protecting function of Andrographis paniculata.


Milk Thistle Extract

Silybum marianum extract has been one of the main varieties of plant extracts in China. As an important component of Chinese herbal medicine, its most widely known effect is its hepatoprotective effect.

The main active components of silymarin are four isomers, such as silybin, silybin, silibinin and silymarin, of which the content of silybin is 50% to 70%. In the popular Liver Detox brand, the silymarin extract (80% standardized silymarin) is the most commonly used herb known as "liver detoxification.".




Oxidative stress plays an important role in liver disease, and curcumin has a mechanism of anti-oxidation and inhibition of NF-kB transcription factors, so the effect of liver protection has been confirmed in many studies, with a variety of toxins to prevent liver damage ( Such as aflatoxin, iron excess, antibiotics, alcohol, sulfur acetamide, carbon tetrachloride, etc.), but mostly animal and cell experiments.


In addition, other studies have also found that curcumin has anti-fatty liver, reversing the effect of carbon tetrachloride-induced liver fibrosis, but due to animal studies, so more human experiments is still to further confirm


Kudzu root extract

Pueraria is a kind of medicinal and edible plants, no side effects on the human body, also called Pueraria extract of pueraria flavone, is a moral species of isoflavones were extracted from monosodium glutamate pollution from Pueraria lobata, the main ingredients are puerarin, isoflavones and isoflavone glycosides etc..

Pueraria extract is also known as "Huganbao", rich in vitamins, required liver glycogen and amino acids, can enhance liver detoxification function, prevention and treatment due to an alcohol induced hangover, alcohol intoxication, alcohol poisoning, liver etc., but also the prevention of liver dysfunction caused by acute hepatitis.

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