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What's the price of Whey Protein Powder?

Jul 26, 2018

What's the price of Whey Protein Powder?

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More detailed infor of Whey protein powder;

The products of whey protein have been gradually diversified. The products of concentrated whey protein, separated whey protein and protein peptide have appeared in the market. 

1. Whey powder can be obtained by drying whey directly by concentrated whey protein (WPC), in which whey protein is very low, usually more than 10%, not more than 30%. Whey after clarification, ultrafiltration, drying and other processes after the product is concentrated whey protein. The protein concentration varies from 34 to 80% with different filtration degree. 

2. The separation of whey protein (WPI) is a high purity whey protein obtained by further processing on the basis of concentrated whey protein, and the purity of whey protein can reach more than 90%. It is expensive and 2-3 times more expensive than concentrated whey protein, but it is also easier to digest and absorb. The real beauty of separating whey protein is its nutritional value. It has a high level of high quality protein that can provide high quality protein to certain people with specific needs, such as infants and hospitalized patients. 

3. In addition, bioactive compounds such as α -lactalbumin and β -lactoglobulin, lactoferrin and immunoglobulin, which are contained in the isolated whey proteins, have injected fresh vitality into the market. Whey protein peptide is the hydrolytic product of whey protein and the essence of whey protein.


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