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What is the process of Hydrolyzed Pearl powder?

Sep 16, 2018

The first step: the selection of raw materials

Choose high-quality pearls from the pearls that have been raised, and pearls with large and thick pearl layers to ensure that the processed pearl powder has excellent quality.

The second step: pure pearl powder finishing

The selected high-quality pearls are crushed by the crusher and denucleated to obtain pure nacre; the pearl shells are carefully polished to remove the non-pearl components, and the pure nacreous layer is obtained; the pure pearls are crushed by coarse crushing and cyclonic airflow. Pure pearl powder.

Tips: If the pearl is smashed together with the nucleus, it is ordinary pearl powder. In addition to the pearl powder, the pulverized material has a core inside, which cannot be called 100% pure pearl powder. Pearl does not currently produce ordinary non-pure pearl powder.

The third step: processing into nano pearl powder

The pearl layer of pure pearl powder is stripped by advanced gas expansion technology, and the pure pearl powder granules are crushed into nanometer pearl powder particles of less than 100 nm.

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