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What is the difference between Acerola cherry powder and regular cherry powder?

Aug 07, 2018

Organic Acerola Cherry Extract is the Chinese name for (Acerola cherry). Native to the Caribbean of the tropical American West Indies, it is also known as the West Indian Cherry (West Indiescherry). Asilola is an evergreen shrub or small tree of the family (Malpighiaceae). Its scientific name was Malpighia glabra L. in the early 20th century, acicular cherries were transmitted from tropical America to Hawaii, United States. Later, through India, the countries of Southeast Asia began to spread widely in the tropics and subtropics of the world. In the sandy land of northeast Brazil, home to many planted and wild Brazilian cherry trees, Brazil is now the largest acicular cherry grower and exporter.

  1. Acerola cherries are rich in vitamin C and are the richest known fruit in the world. The 2445 mg VC content in its 100g fruit is much higher than the 40mg of lemon, 68mg of citrus and 100mgof of kiwifruit, while the guava, which has been considered to be extremely high in vitamin C, is only 180mg. it is the true "King of Vitamin C". 2. At the same time, the cherry also contains vitamin A, B _ (1) B _ (2), P, nicotinic acid, anti-aging factor (SOD), calcium, iron, zinc, potassium and protein and other nutrients, nutritional value is very high, "fruit of life" reputation. Vitamin P can prevent the oxidation of vitamin C and enhance the absorption and utilization of VC. 3. VC is a good antioxidant that scavenges free radicals from human activity. In addition to VC, natural VC also contains a variety of nutrients, which is absorbed slowly in human body, and the concentration in serum can maintain a high level for a long time, and the effect on human body is unparalleled by VC from other sources. (SOD)-superoxide dismutase, a special anti-aging factor, can effectively resist the invasion of foreign harmful substances and has the effect of delaying senescence.

  2. Acerola cherry powder apply for Medicines, health products, cosmetics, drinks, etc.

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