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What is Instant BCAA powder?

Jun 25, 2018

What is Instant BCAA powder?

BCAA=Branched Chain amino acids are the three essential amino acids, leucine, isoleucine, and valine.

The reason why it's called branched amino acids is that these three amino acids have branched carbon frames.The possible role of the BCAA in sports is mainly to fight fatigue and improve athletic ability, especially for aerobic endurance athletes.Bodybuilders use BCAA, more think it: 1. Can reduce the oxidation of muscle during exercise, protect muscle; 2.2. Promote muscle protein synthesis.Let's start with the anti-fatigue problem.The so-called fatigue, mainly in terms of central nervous fatigue (some studies suggest BCAA can also improve the peripheral fatigue during exercise which may mainly to control the concentration of lactic acid, save energy consumption and other relevant materials.But there is no clear conclusion.Exercise fatigue can be divided into peripheral fatigue and central fatigue.Central fatigue is a decrease in the excitability of the nervous system.Why do you think 

BCAA has the effect of relieving central fatigue during exercise?This is actually based on a hypothesis that tryptophan enters the brain and synthesizes serotonin, and the more tryptophan enters the brain, the higher the serotonin synthesis rate.5-hydroxytryptamine is a kind of nerve inhibitor, the concentration increases, can produce fatigue, listlessness, drowsiness feeling, when exercise may cause central nerve fatigue.And the BCAA goes into the brain, and it goes through the same door as tryptophan.BCAA can compete with tryptophan to enter the brain's channels, plasma BCAA concentration increased, tryptophan into the brain less.

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