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What does Guarana Extract do?

Jun 22, 2018

Due to its indigenous origins a variety of benefits have been linked with this super shrub- including boosting of one’s libido (10).

However, the success of production, exporting and consumption of guarana can be explained in one word: caffeine.

You see there is a reason why in Brazil one of the popular names for this supplement is “Zoom” (11-12). The seeds from which the extract is taken consist of between 2.3% (13) and (a massive) 7.8% (14) caffeine!

Whilst there is some variety in caffeine content, to put it in perspective, the average concentration would be greater than both tea and coffee (15). In fact the amount of caffeine in guarana is twice the amount found in Arabica coffee beans

Energy Drinks & Guarana Extract

Energy drinks come in all concoctions and forms, some of which get a boost from added guarana. It is well established that the success and efficiency of energy drinks comes most predominantly from their caffeine content (16-17), which of course can be supplied by this supplement.

✓ Energy drinks (containing caffeine) show various benefits for performance including delaying training fatigue (18); enhancing muscle strength (18) and increasing muscle endurance (19).

There is also evidence that caffeine positively stimulates our resting energy expenditure, meaning we burn more calories at rest (20-22). This augmentation of metabolism is caused by stimulation of a cycle which boosts levels of adrenalin (21, 23).

Evidence suggests that relatively small doses of caffeine in energy drinks of 2-3mg/ kg of bodyweight are effective at enhancing performance (24). This is an amount of caffeine easily supplied by guarana making it a perfect constituent of energy drink beverages which are sold on the premise of being ergogenic aids.Guarana-1.jpg

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