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We can't stop beauty in Summer!Anthocyanin helps you lose weight

Jul 19, 2017


Recently,from the Nu Skin Enterprises and KGK Synergize the scientists found that taking a mixture of anthocyanin and prebiotics can adjust the intestinal ecosystem,improve the intestinal microbial groups,so as to help improve digestive ability,effectively remove proud flesh fat.The flavonoids in anthocyanins are a kind of water-soluble pigment,which is widely found in plant petals,fruit and the surface cells of the stems and leaves and the lower epidermis.Common anthocyanins:black goji anthocyanin,blueberry anthocyanin,grape anthocyanin,purple potato anthocyanin,black currant anthocyanin etc 

In recent years,anthocyanin as a safe,non-toxic nutritional type of natural edible pigment has attracted worldwide attention, anthocyanin has a great application potential in the field of health food,cosmetics,medicine, food additives,and become an important part of China's export of plant extracts.The following common plant extracts are rich in anthocyanin, Choosing foods containing these ingredients can help you lose weight. 

Black goji extract has more than 300 different anthocyanins from different fruits and vegetables in nature.Its main sources include black goji berries, blueberries,grapes,purple sweet potato, black currant. Among them,the black goji extract has the highest content of anthocyanins,the best quality varieties, OPC content than blueberries (Black goji OPC 3690mg/100g; blueberry containing OPC 330 ~ 3380mg/100g),is by far the highest OPC content of natural wild plants.But black goji is very expensive because it has only a poor growth condition.Blueberry extract blueberry fruits contain rich nutrients, it not only has the role of good nutrition health care function, but also has to prevent brain aging, strong heart,anti-cancer soften blood vessels, and strengthen the body's immune function.Blueberries have high pectin content,which can effectively reduce cholesterol, prevent atherosclerosis and promote cardiovascular health.The blue berry of the flowers in the pigment,has the activation of the retina effect,can strengthen the vision, prevent eyeball fatigue;It is rich in vitamin C,which can enhance the heart function, prevent cancer and heart disease, prevent the aging of the brain and enhance brainpower.The common cold, sore throat and diarrhea also have some improvement. 

Grape seed extract is a kind of polyphenols extracted from grape seeds,mainly composed of proanthocyanidins,catechin,epicatechin gallate,epicatechin gallate and other polyphenols.The antioxidant effect of grape seed extract can protect the structure from being damaged by free radicals,thus delaying the aging process.Grape seed extract proanthocyanidin OPC is a natural sun shield that blocks UV rays from damaging the skin and can also repair injured collagen and elastin.Grape seed extract has the effect of convergence,tighten the skin,prevent premature appearance of skin wrinkles,long-term use can make the skin smooth and elastic,with the function of beauty maintenancer.

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