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Vitamin A Acid also known as retinoic acid

May 14, 2018

1.  Vitamin A Acid /Tretinoin Vitamin A Acid Tretinoin , can be called as Tretinoin, Vitamin A Acid, Trans Vitamin A


Acid either, is a kind of raw material used in pharmaceutical area. 


2.  Vitamin A Acid /Tretinoin is the metabolic intermediate of the Vitamin A in our internal




3.  Vitamin A Acid /Tretinoin is mainly functioned in the metabolism of bone growth,


epithelial cell proliferation, differentiation, and other keratolytic.


1. Vitamin A Acid/Tretinoin is widely applied in pharmaceutical field, mainly used for


the cure of dermatonosus like acne, ichthyosis and psoriasis abnormal, etc..


2. Vitamin A Acid /Tretinoin can be made into tretinoin or retinoic acid cream to cure


acne or other unhealthy skin.


3. Vitamin A Acid /Tretinoin is used for skin keratinocytes-resistant drugs and cell-

induced differentation drug.



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