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The third batch of plant extracts was officially released

Sep 14, 2017

The third batch of plant extracts was officially released


It is reported that the white willow bark extract, seaweed extract, areca polysaccharides and polyphenols (fucoxanthin) and other third batch of plant extracts international business standards released recently , a total of 12. Up to now, the health insurance association has completed the first three batches of 25 standards.


Plant extracts have been a major category of Chinese herbal medicine exports. Since the first international standard of plant extracts was released in 2013 by the medical insurance association, it has filled the standard blank of domestic extracts. The standards for the first time, the health insurance association in cooperation with the National Standard Press, complete standardization, and the standard press officially issued standard booklet of plant extracts. At the same time, this year will continue to maintain standard integrity and publish the standard collection of botanical extracts (2017 edition). In addition, the first batch and the second batch of 13 standards revision work is under way and will be released in the near future revised version. Yu Zhibin, director of the Department of traditional Chinese medicine at the medical insurance association, predicts that the fourth batch of international standards for plant extracts will be announced in June next year.

Sheet: The first three batches of plant extracts international business standards(25 items)

The First Batch(7 Items)

Ginkgo biloba extract

Cranberry extract

Ginseng extract

Polygonum cuspidatum extract

Centella asiatica extract

Willow extract

Milk Thistle Extract

The Second Batch(6 Items)

Grape seed extract

Elderberry extract

Sophora japonica extract



Astaxanthin oil

Hesperidin(Food Grade,Medicine Grade)

The Third Batch(12 Items)

White Willow Bark Extract

Areca polysaccharide polyphenols

Seaweed extract (fucoidan)

Polygonum cuspidatum Resveratrol

Honeysuckle extract (5% chlorogenic acid)

Honeysuckle extract (25% chlorogenic acid)

Ganoderma lucidum extract (water extract)

Mangosteen extract (25% mogroside V)

Mangosteen extract (50% mogroside V)

Green coffee bean extract

Chlorogenic acid

Stevia extract

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