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The principle of hypoglycemic effect of mulberry leaf extract

Jan 17, 2019

The principle of hypoglycemic effect of 

                                   Mulberry Leaf Extract


The hypoglycemic raw material bitter gourd extract, polypeptide-k, bitter melon is the main sugar-lowering material of our company.



In addition, mulberry leaf extract is also a natural and effective hypoglycemic material, and is also a homologous plant of medicine and food. Mulberry leaf tea is soaked in water, has hypoglycemic effect, and has no side effect.


The hypoglycemic effect of mulberry leaves is achieved in two ways:

First, the alkaloid DNJ [5] (1-deoxynojirimycin) inhibits the activity of disaccharide-degrading enzymes, thereby inhibiting the absorption of disaccharides by the small intestine and reducing the peak value of postprandial blood glucose (Kimura, 1995);

The second is to promote β-cell insulin by mulberry alkaloid fagomine and mulberry leaf polysaccharide, and insulin can promote the utilization of sugar, hepatic glycogen synthesis and glucose metabolism, and finally achieve the effect of lowering blood sugar.


How to know more hypoglycemic materials, please contact us.

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