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The era of functional health is coming

Aug 28, 2017

The era of functional health is coming

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In recent years, urban civilization disease has become more and more prominent, in many developed countries and some developing countries in the world, the main diseases affecting human health is no longer an infectious disease, but cardiovascular disease, cerebrovascular disease, malignant tumors and some Chronic, noncommunicable diseases, these diseases are also known as "lifestyle sickness" or "modern civilization disease". That the disease is not caused by bacteria or viruses, but a life by the stress and tension as well as nutritional disorders, coupled with the lack of exercise, long-term accumulation of metabolic diseases. Although most chronic diseases are occurring in adulthood, many of the unhealthy patterns of life develop in childhood and adolescence.


Therefore, the health care products market began to heat up, the Ministry of Health promulgated 27 kinds of health food functions, which can be adjusted for a variety of physical disorders and inhibition, and even achieve the effect of healing. Health food is divided into two categories: one is vitamins, minerals and other nutritional health products; the other is a functional health food. Functional health food, usually with Chinese herbal medicine as the main ingredient, such as: Cordyceps can nourish the lung yin , but also warming kidney yang; jujube has to improve the pharmacological effects of sleep, t they have medicinal and edible functions, therefore, health care products are not drugs, but it can play its role in adjuvant treatment of disease. Nutrition and health care products, generally to supplement the human body for the purpose of the seven nutrients, such as: vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, are generally lack of trace elements in the human body, and long-term lack of trace elements, is one of the fundamental factors of chronic diseases, therefore, according to individual factors, appropriate to add trace elements, play the role of nutritional therapy, is to improve and prevent the most direct means of chronic diseases, should be applied to clinical treatment as soon as possible.

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