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The development trend of beverage industry is hidden in these new concept drinks

Aug 22, 2018

As consumer health consciousness enhancement, artificial sweeteners, and more and more difficult to survive in the beverage, sugar and even Coca-Cola and Pepsi beverage giant, also had to compromise the health of consumers demand, turned to low sugar and natural sweeteners (stevia sugar, fructus momordicae sweet glycoside, honey, etc.) save fell for beverage sales.So far, the beverage industry has not been able to completely abandon artificial sweeteners in its products (aspartame, aspartame, sucralose, etc.). Consumers need to be patient and give the industry a little more time.

Herbal drinks, no one can get around

As a big country of Chinese herbal medicine, there is always a kind of Chinese herbal medicine in the field of health related to people, such as wang Lao ji's black herbal tea, which USES Chinese herbal medicine such as fairy grass, frangipani, leaf of cloth dregs, chrysanthemum, honeysuckle, summerweed and liquorice.Black sugar syrup is used as sweetener and colouring agent to make the drink appear black.Here again a small interlude, the colleague take forget to drink of black cool tea when the airport security check, the security check small elder sister see this cool tea pack praise: good lovely.This is a good indication that the novel packaging of beverage products will surely win the favor of consumers.

Fermented beverages

It is well known that fermented foods have many benefits for human health, in addition to promoting digestion and longevity.One of the main reasons why Japanese live longer than the world average is that they like to eat fermented foods, such as natto.In recent years, with the fermentative fermentative trend of yoghurt, bread fermentative beverage is not to lag behind.For example, qiulinggas bread fermentation beverage is made from bread with hops, lactobacillus acidophilus and yeast to make a non-alcoholic beverage with the clear and crisp flavor of beer.The downside is that the product USES aspartame and anserel as sweeteners, and may be even more popular if natural sweeteners are used instead.

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