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Tea polyphenols can effectively inhibit the inflammation of diabetic wounds and promote wound healing.

Aug 15, 2018

Recently, a team of researchers from Yunnan Agricultural University recently found a target for tea polyphenols, the main ingredient of tea polyphenols, by inhibiting inflammation in diabetic wounds. Studies on the role and Mechanism of promoting skin wound Healing in Diabetic mice are published in the American Journal of Experimental Biology. 

EGCG (epigallocatechin Gallic acid ester) is the main component of tea polyphenols. It is a catechin monomer isolated from tea. It has antibacterial, antiviral, antioxidant, antithrombotic, anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor effects. Professor Sheng Jun's team used biomolecular interaction techniques, cell models and animal models to study systematically the molecular mechanism of EGCG in tea promoting the healing of skin wounds in diabetic mice by targeting membrane receptors. 

The results showed that it could significantly inhibit the inflammatory target signaling pathway, macrophage accumulation and inflammatory response in the wound of diabetic mice. It was proved that it could act directly by binding to the target membrane receptor. The team assessed the role of EGCG in diabetic wound healing. On the wound model of diabetic mice, it was observed that the healing rate of EGCG treated group was about 18% higher than that of model group, which was close to the normal group. Further studies confirmed that EGCG combined with inflammatory targets weakened the inflammatory response of macrophages and the level of inflammatory cytokines in the skin wound tissue of diabetic mice and decreased inflammation was the main mechanism of promoting skin wound healing in proliferative diabetic mice.

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