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Studies have found that stevia extract has anti-tumor effect

Aug 10, 2017

Studies have found that stevia extract has anti-tumor effect


Researchers from the National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment in Beijing, China, The researchers have found more nutrients from stevioside, including non-glycoside diterpenes, chlorogenic acids, flavonoids and Vitamins and so on.


However, the latest study also shows that stevioside extract have stronger effect than diterpene glucoside on tumor cells antioxidant and anti-proliferative .

In order to assess the toxicity of stevia, the researchers conducted a large number of experiments in vitro and in vivo. The study recorded a negative effect of bacterial reverse mutation analysis, mouse bone marrow micronucleus test and mouse sperm abnormality analysis. Studies have shown that the oral drink concentration of 1.04%, 2.08%, and 3.12% of the stevia extract did not cause behavioral, hematological, clinical or histopathological changes in rats over a 90-day period. In addition, no significant differences in food intake and body weight were observed between the test and control groups during the 90-day study without death or treatment-related adverse outcomes.

Researchers tested long-term take orally stevia extract from female rats in the highest dose group and showed a significant reduction in cholesterol, protein and albumin levels in rats.

Scientific research data demonstrate the safety of the stevioside bioactive ingredient, so it can act as a functional active ingredient in functional foods and nutritional supplements.

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