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Some benefits of Purple Sweet Potato Powder

Apr 28, 2018

Sweet potatoes help prevent Vitamin A deficiency

Sweet potatoes can also help manage diabetes

Sweet potatoes can help manage stress levels

Sweet potatoes contain anti-inflammatory activity

Sweet potatoes can help protect/prevent/manage cancer

Sweet potatoes can help guard against ulcers

Sweet potatoes can help in minimizing the risk of cardiovascular diseases

Sweet potatoes contain antimicrobial properties

Sweet potatoes can help improve hair and skin

Sweet potatoes are good for digestion

Sweet potatoes can help in regulating blood pressure

Sweet potatoes can boost fertility

Sweet potatoes are important for good vision

Sweet potatoes can help in weight management

Sweet potatoes are also memory-enhancing foods

Purple sweet potato powder is mainly used in two aspects: one is used as food additives, such as baked pasta add 5%, can improve the quality of products, add the purple potato starch in some food can increase the viscosity, etc. Purple potato starch can be used as rich, on the other hand, mashed potatoes, purple potato chips, such as raw materials of various kinds of flavor and a variety of nutritional fortified foods. With purple potato powder can work out a lot of convenience foods, it can be processed features is better than that of fresh purple potato raw material, can be made into various shapes, you can add various seasonings and nutrients, made from a variety of leisure food. Purple potato starch content up to 6% in the bread, adding amount was 2% ~ 3%, because GanLing potato's ability to absorb water is strong, can keep the fresh bread.

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