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Plant fiber and Citrus fruit dietary fiber

Dec 20, 2018

With the global depletion of fossil energy and seriously environmental pollution worldwide,plant fiber, as one of the abundant renewable resources, is becoming a hot spot of research and application. Plant fiber has profound significance to environmental protection, as well as certain economic and social benefits, in line with the sustainable development strategy worldwide with advantages of easy degradation, wide raw material sources , and  renewable. Thus plant fiber is becoming more and more popular.
Natural fiber are divided into plant fiber (cellulose fiber), animal fiber (protein fiber), and mineral fiber.The plant fiber is one the most abundant natural polymer materials among the above three types of fibers in nature. According to statistics, every year in the form of cellulose in nature resources up to one hundred billion tons, far more than the existing total oil reserves on the earth.Plenty of natural cellulose resources have not fully used in the biological cycle. Figures released by SAURER group: global fiber amount reached 70 million tons in total, in which 32.2 million tons were natural fiber (exclude cotton, wool, silk which are 5.7 million tons), increasing 4.8% than 2004.
With the improvement of people living standard, research and development on fiber is based on user experience and demands, with the evaluation of plant fiber on natural, comfortable, healthy, environmental protection. Therefore, the development and application of plant fiber is of far-reaching significance.

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Citrus fruit dietary fiber

Dietary fiber is derived from the sum of very polysaccharides and small amounts of lignin which could not be hydrolysis by digestive enzymes in the small intestine and directly access into the large intestine . Dietary fiber can be divided into soluble dietary fiber (SDF) and insoluble dietary fiber(IDF). SDF is mainly to increase the effect of intestinal transition time, suspend gastric emptying, reduce the absorption of glucose in the small intestine, and reduce serum cholesterol. The IDF's main function is to reduce intestinal transition time, increase the excrement and urine volume. Dietary fiber is associated with many diseases, such as diverticulosis, appendicitis, colorectal cancer, hemorrhoids, obesity, diabetes, gallstones, high blood pressure and cardio-cerebrovascular diseases, etc. Over the past 20 years, nutritionists and medical expert considered dietary fiber playsan important role to health and diseases preventing. Dietary fiber is indispensable in dietary components. People defined dietary fiber as the seventh nutriment after protein, water, inorganic salt, sugar, fat, vitamin.
Fruit is a good source of edible plant fiber, including citrus especially grapefruit fiber source. In citrus peel, cellulose and hemicellulose accounted for about 50% ~ 60%, so it is a good natural raw materials extraction of dietary fiber. R.J.B raddock did the research on dietary fiberextracted from citrus peel , and determinate of the composition is: cellulose, hemicellulose, pectin, lignin were accounted for 10.8%, 10.8%, 19.3% and 6.6%of the total weight of dry peel. Porzio et al. Research has shown that citrus dietary fiber has unique features, can be used as a kind of high-quality food additives. Altomare made the orange white cortex a calorie bulking agent replacing parts of the cake flour, fat and sugar components, and good results have been achieved.
The role of dietary fiber to improve the nutritional status of the different gender, age group is irreplaceable. Withrising living standard, and accelerating rhythm of life, the intake of high quantity of heat, high protein and high fat in finefoods is not balanced with the intake of dietary fiber intake.
The WHO recommended TDF intake floor limit is 27.0 grams per person a day, upper limit is 40.0 grams per day per person. Although DF can bring a lot of beneficial physiological effect, the intake of DF is still lower than the WHO recommended values, either in China or some other developed countries. Some foods that are rich in DF, such as citrus peel, the fiber content can reach up to 50%.If it can be used well, not only rational utilization of natural resources, but also the economic value of citrus fruit can be improved, adapting with the demand of the market.

Market demands analysis

As the fiber foods has a name of “life oasis”, the trend of international food was being adjusted towards the direction to fiber food. The demands of customer is growing at the speed of 10% per year in Japan and the US, while the South America grows even faster, over 19%. Adding soluble dietary fiber into foods has been popular for many years in European and American market. And sales volume of foods contain soluble dietary fiber is constantly increasing in Japan, Taiwan and South Korea. In China, some of the drinks have added soluble dietary fiber. It’s firmly believed that in the near future, dietary fiber drinks or health foods are going to get further development in China.

In Early 1980s ,Dietary fiber has had a rapid development in developed country, especially in Europe and America where there are special dietary fiber products such as dietary fiber food,beverage ,biscuits and dairy food exhibited in counter in supermarket and convenient stores. In market ,there are six best-selling dietary fiber(polydextrose, inulin, soybean fiber and oats dietary fiber), one of which , like inulin, is similar to the citrus fiber. Moreover, Dietary fiber has been researched in the USA specialized institution such as(USDA)、Arecher Daniels Midland Co.、Nationaloats Co.、AE Staley Mfg Co.、James River Corp. Most of them engage in making and selling all kinds of dietary fiber products. In America, convenient grain,with 22 billion dollars turnover, own around 23% dietary fiber food, compared that it has 11 best-selling dietary fiber beverage in Japan ,where they also concentrate on dietary fiber. On the sale of functionality drink, over 70% beverage contain dietary fiber and only Japanese “FIBI”food  made a quantity of sale at 300 million bottles, which is the top sale in all of the functional drink in 2000. In 1996, Japanese dietary fiber food and health care products had 10 billion dollars sale and polydextrose sale was 45 thousand tons with 8% sustainable growth in recent years. At present in some America and South America area, they are exposed to many kinds of dietary fiber beverage, including “FiberUp”, “BeautyIn” and so on, which attract a lot of medium and senior clients and get a popular reaction in market.

In Japan and South America, over half of the most popular functional drinks contain dietary fiber. In fact, over 70% drinks have dietary fiber in the total sales of the functional drinks. The research founded that almost half of the female have a tendensy to constipate or recurrent constipate in one company. Suffering from constipation, not only has the feeling of discomfort, and will cause skin problems, which is the most concerned problem of young women.Thus, there may be a certain relationship between beauty and the laxative.


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