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Pea protein, the pioneer of plant protein after soy protein

Jul 24, 2018

At present, animal protein still accounts for a major share of the entire protein market; however, plant protein-derived products are more competitive than animal proteins; many consumers tend to choose plant-derived proteins;

The most demanding plant protein market is soy protein, and pea protein has become the fastest growing plant source.

Comparable to whey protein, pea protein leads the rapid growth of plant protein.

Pea protein is made from dried yellow peas; peas are rich in protein and are full-price proteins, which are rich in lysine, arginine and branched-chain amino acids; especially high lysine content, which is a fitness enthusiast. The first choice outside of whey protein;

In addition, the hypoallergenic and non-transgenic properties of pea protein distinguish it from the global vegetable protein market;

Pea protein is currently mainly used in sports nutrition and dietary supplement foods and beverages. It has high lysine content and is widely used in the formula of muscle-enhancing protein powder. It is also a vegetable protein with muscle-enhancing effect next to whey protein.

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