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Green peppermint extract can improve sleep quality in older adults, the study said.

Mar 28, 2018

A study published recently in the journal of alternative and complementary medicine suggests that green peppermint extract can improve sleep quality in older people and improve short-term memory.

In this randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled trials, the researchers recruited 90 healthy men and women, their age between 50-70 years old, they come from the headquarters is located in Illinois, contract research organisations Biofortis clinical research center.Clinical trials were conducted at the Addison laboratory in Biofortis.

Volunteers said they were willing to maintain their habitual diet and exercise habits, and were willing to maintain a consistent sleep schedule during the night before the study.The volunteers completed cognitive, emotional and sleep assessments, all in the form of questionnaires.Then the researchers randomly divided 90 participants into three groups, each with 30 people, and one group received a placebo as a control group.One group received 600 mg of green peppermint extract as a low-dose group.One group consumed 900 mg of green peppermint extract as a high-dose group.Spearmint is taken in two capsules daily for breakfast.The trial lasted 90 days.

The results showed that high-dose volunteers had a 15 percent higher working memory capacity than the placebo group.The study found that in mice brain tissue, green peppermint and rosemary extract could improve age-related oxidative markers.

The researchers said the study still had limitations, including potential confounding factors, such as the participants' diet and lifestyle.

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