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FDA is the Green Light of Dietary Fiber and the potential of probiotics is limitless

Aug 19, 2018

With the urgent demand for intestinal health, probiotics has gradually become the focus of attention in the market. GOS has been widely used in infant formula milk powder. Oligosaccharides are important components of breast milk, and both GOS and HMOs contain oligosaccharides, so adding oligosaccharides to formula milk powder makes it closer to breast milk, thus extending and broadening the gold standard of breastfeeding. More babies can also receive the necessary nutrition and benefits from non-breastfeeding.


Chicory root fiber maker Sensus believes the FDA certification reinforces its status in the United States and provides new business opportunities for health food applications in the United States. Carl Volz, president of Sensus, said the agency's rigorous standard assessment. It has been clearly demonstrated that inulin / fructooligosaccharides can support physiological and health benefits. The inclusion of chicory root fiber as dietary fiber in new food labelling regulations helps customers and consumers to clarify the source of dietary fiber. And continue to use chicory root fiber as an effective way to reduce calories and supplement sugar.


In an interview with the FDA announcement, Vanessa Curto, a health communications expert, highlighted the importance of fiber for healthy consumers: fruit, vegetables and cereals with high fiber content, especially soluble fiber. Can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, help reduce cholesterol levels. Some dietary fibers also increase intestinal calcium absorption, improve defecation, or reduce calorie intake. When manufacturers update their nutritional labels, if the labels indicate that the product contains dietary fiber, consumers will largely believe that the fiber is scientifically proven and healthful.


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