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Apple extract helps reduce cholesterol

Oct 10, 2018

Using in vitro tests, researchers found that apple extract reduced the solubility of cholesterol in micelles by 86%. In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, cross-sectional study, 50 healthy men and women ate a high-cholesterol diet for 10 consecutive days, some containing apple extracts, and some without. Next is the 7 day "cleaning" period, and then cross to another group.

The results showed that apple extract increased cholesterol excretion in feces by about 35% compared with placebo. In assessing potential bioactive components in apple extracts, the researchers noted that NMR data showed that dimeric procyanidins could precipitate cholesterol by interacting with bile acid micelles via phosphatidylcholine (PC). Clinical data show that AMD increases cholesterol excretion in feces when healthy subjects eat a high-cholesterol diet. The current study suggests that AMD be an effective drug to reduce cholesterol absorption in healthy subjects.

Sterols and sterols are commonly used in the market for cholesterol lowering products. A large number of clinical trials conducted in controlled environments have shown that daily consumption of 1.5-3 grams of phytosterols/sterols from food sources can reduce total cholesterol levels by 8-17%, significantly reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. The FDA approved health claims that 1.3 grams of phytosterol a day as part of a low-saturated fat and cholesterol diet can reduce people's risk of heart disease. (for plant sterols, the daily dose can be increased to 3.4 grams).

The new study suggests that microencapsulated apple extracts encapsulated in maltodextrin may offer researchers an alternative. The study found that apple polyphenol extracts can reduce the solubility and absorption of cholesterol in the intestine and can be used as a natural solution for cholesterol management and cardiovascular health support. Because of its polar microencapsulation formula, AMD can reach micelle targets through better carrier dimer procyanidins, the researchers point out. In addition, the product can be seen as a powerful tool to reduce the solubility of duodenal cholesterol, reducing its intestinal bioavailability. This is the first report about the effect of apple polyphenol extracts on intestinal cholesterol absorption, and it also opens up a new direction for the application of apple polyphenol extracts.

Speaking of apple polyphenol extract, you can not mention Beijing green gold and Xi'an Tian Mei. ApplePhenon < polyphenols, one of the main products of Beijing Green Gold, are extracted from selected natural wild or cultivated green apples and produced by patent technology. The products are high purity, rich in proanthocyanidins and have strong antioxidant activity. Clinical studies have shown that it has significant effects on anti-fatigue, weight loss, cosmetology, tooth protection, cardiovascular protection and anti-allergy. The product has passed the GRAS regulations of the United States, and can be used as a dietary supplement and food raw material.

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Xi'an Tianmei Biological Company adopts patented technology to produce apple polyphenol extracts with low soluble residue, low agricultural residue, good water solubility, high bioavailability and other advantages, product selection of high-quality apple raw material suppliers, combined with solid technology to ensure product quality control. At present, Tianmei Biotechnology enriches, separates, purifies apple polyphenols from apples, and makes Apple Polyphenols patent products of different specifications which can be applied to functional food, health food or cosmetics, and successfully industrializes them.

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