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Curcumin will pull the joint health market

Aug 02, 2017

Curcumin will pull the joint health market

Glucosamine chondroitin sulfate and dimethyl sulfone are known as “Three Musketeers” in joint health care product formula.Years of scientific and clinical data accumulated for many years have basically proved that these three are necessary for people with poor joints. "Three Musketeers" which has been dominant in the joint health market for many years, but now because of the lack of innovation and lack of innovation, market growth appears weak.


In fact, this "three swordsman" is not effective for all poor joints, especially if there is a continuous intake of inflammation.Therefore, curcumin, which has been proved to be effective in inhibiting joint inflammation, has gradually come into view in the global health industry chain.During the recent online discussion of bone and joint health,professionals from the Jarrow formula, NBTY and NOW said that compared to a more stable and mature bone health market,joint health field have more innovation space, so the curcumin will have huge market space.


Of course, now people's sedentary lifestyle is one of the factors leading to joint disease,so intake the corresponding supplements in one hand, and actively engaged in the movement in other hand, so as to have a healthy joint and happy life.

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