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Red yeast rice and astaxanthin can effectively reduce blood lipids.

Apr 04, 2018

The American heart journal article points out that treated with percutaneous coronary intervention of inhibin, unable to tolerate statins, patients with heart disease and dyslipidemia may be consumed by individual nutrition or combined use of supplements and in accordance with the jersey for lipid bei to improve its utilization.

From Rome, Italy's scientific workers giuseppe maliki and his colleagues conducted a randomized prospective study, to analyze the nutritional elements (Red Yeast Rice Extract, sugar cane, berberine, folic acid, Astaxanthin Powder coenzyme q10, and shrimp green pigment) and in accordance with the jersey for rice after Mr Combined with the safety and effect, study lasted for 3 months.If the patient fails to reach his or her treatment goal, the patient can receive an additional 12 months of treatment.The researchers recruited 100 patients with ischemic heart disease (50 patients who received nutritional supplements and another 50 in ezetimibe) who were treated with percutaneous coronary intervention.

The researchers found that 14 patients in the nutrition group achieved their own treatment goals (LDL cholesterol was less than 100 mg/dl), while the izetimibe group was not completed.The goal of the researchers' treatment was to reduce the patients' LDL cholesterol by 72.8% in the following year, while the nutritional regimen was reduced by 100%.No obvious adverse effects were found during the study.

The researchers concluded that both the use of supplements alone and the use of izetimibe could increase the use of lipids in patients with statins.But more research is needed to analyze the long-term effects of nutrition.

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