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Avocados are good for eye health and cognitive health.

Mar 28, 2018

Nutrients, according to a study published in the latest magazine shea butter helps to increase the lutein content in serum and eye macular, eye health and cognitive health, the main reason is associated and avocado contains lutein, eye and the brain will be selective absorption of carotenoids.1

In 994, harvard researchers reported for the first time there is a link between lutein and eye health, the daily intake of carotenoids rich food, especially the dark green vegetables such as spinach, it can obviously reduce age-related macular degeneration.

Tufts university's human nutrition research center on anti-aging researchers also said that the increase of macular pigment density (MPD) helps improve memory and the ability to solve the problem, so the avocado also helps prevent decline of cognitive function in older consumers.In addition, a number of studies of primates, children, middle and old age and the elderly showed significant associations between lutein and brain health.According to a recent study, 60% of children with brain tissue is the total carotenoids lutein, and relevant data also show that lutein accounted for only 12% of dietary carotenoids, so the brain's choice of lutein has obvious absorbent.

The study of randomized, controlled clinical trial, involving 20 healthy men and women, these subjects are randomly assigned, a set of avocado, another group to eat potatoes or a cup of chickpeas, 1 times a day, a total of six months.An avocado can provide about 0.5mg of lutein a day.

After 6 months, the amount of lutein in the serum was significantly increased by 25%, compared with 15% in the control group.However, the MPD was significantly increased in the butter group only after 6 months.

The results also showed that all the subjects' cognitive performance are improved, such as memory and spatial working memory, the researchers believe this may be due to the learning error (increase the familiar with degrees) of the test, at the same time only butter group sustained attention appear obviously improved.The researchers also found that the increase in MPD was associated with improved working memory and improved efficiency.

Dietary supplements containing avocados help improve cognitive function, which helps increase MPD, a biomarker for lutein in brain tissue.The underlying mechanism may be associated with the cognitive health of lutein, which ACTS as an antioxidant or an anti-inflammatory agent.However, no changes in oxidative stress and inflammatory biomarkers were found in this study.These measures are in the normal range at the beginning of the study, so improvements in antioxidant or anti-inflammatory conditions are difficult to detect.Another potential mechanism may be related to the amount of lutein in the nerve tissue, including the ability to regulate the transmission properties of synapses.

Tufts university has already conducted studies in the past, with a daily intake of 12mg lutein and 0.5mg of zeaxanthin supplementation for four months to significantly increase MPD.Other ingredients in avocados can effectively improve the content of neurolutein, the most likely monounsaturated fatty acid.

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